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 Some basic Infomation about the guild

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Some basic Infomation about the guild Empty
PostSubject: Some basic Infomation about the guild   Some basic Infomation about the guild Icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2007 9:46 am

If you were wondering about our guild goal it isnt really set it stone. Depending on the numbers we have and what lvls everyone is will deside what content we go after, our goal is CoA/DoN dragons. We will do older content if requested be guildes. such as PoP or Vex thal. But other than that we will be doing the more curent content do to most of it be groupable and way better gear. If you have any questions feel free to contact any member, if they can't answer your question then they will lead you to someone that can.
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Some basic Infomation about the guild
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