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 How does the DKP system work?

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How does the DKP system work? Empty
PostSubject: How does the DKP system work?   How does the DKP system work? Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2008 3:24 pm

Alright guys ... this is how it works essentially ...

This wasnít a spur of the moment thing, it was well thought out the best I could, if there are MAJOR issues that you can see with it, lets post constructively to fix them. This is probably one of the largest issues with a raiding guild so letís make sure we get it licked. Donít nit-pick it, just major problems.

Bear in mind that no loot system is perfect, there is no blanket policy that works universally, each guild is different, this is custom tailored to us.

Also remember, we work hard together and progress together and not get hung up on the loot and we will all get it eventually.

Will you be able to access this DKP program?
Yes....There is a "DKP" button linking to the points program on the front page of the website you need to go there and register under your main character's name.

What is DKP and how do I get it?
Essentially its DKP ... for every raid you attend, you will receive points, and you will receive 10 points per hour that you are with the raid. Dumps will be taken every hour, on the hour, so if you leave raid at 11:59 donít cry because you missed merit, its the way the program reads it, make the effort to be there that extra minute to ensure you got it.

What is a DKP Bone?
You may be awarded random bonus points...a DKP BONE...for whatever reason. I want to reward the people who are going out of their way for the guild.
Example: I see someone taking 5 hours out of their day to get one of our level 68 members leveled up to 69 to make RS raid later that night... I may give that person a nod and throw him/her a DKP bone. The guild is about working together and the people who are proactive in helping others in their game to benefit us all deserve a nod.

You may also be docked for being an asshole ... and believe me, if I consider what you are doing is being an asshole, The DKP docking should be least of your concerns. The devil will be giving you pine-cone enemas in the deepest bowels of hell for all eternity. I am a lot more tolerant of evil than that guy.

Other ways you may lose your DKP ...

Obviously when you "earn" an item... I donít want to say win, because that would insinuate you just got lucky ... no, you work for it, you earn it.
More on that later....

When are Raid Times?
I am not a really strict guy if you folks can imagine. Our Raid times are currently 8:00pm EST. We expect you all to be in the Guild Hall ready to raid at 7:30 EST.

If you are running behind a little; I am not going to hold it against you. If itís consistent, we will talk.

Well Steve, thatís all good and shit, but exactly how do I get uberitem_001?

Damn good question ... and a damn complicated answer...

If an item drops, I will ask for tells with what you are upgrading as usual ... I have the DKP list open and I can easily see who has what points.
Based on the mean average of the dkp of the top 5 people requesting the item, the item will be assigned a value. Which means you will pay no less than 1/5 of your current DKP for the item. This somewhat alleviates the hording of points by some of our better geared members while we are raiding to re-flag and regear with loot they canít use. When we get into the phat drops that are finally upgrades for our better geared members, they wonít be able to just run through and snatch up all the loots they want before anyone else is even close to their level of points. I will probably play with this a little bit until its just the way I want it ... this is a temporary fix to start out with, if it looks like we need to change it, we have the ability to do so without scrapping the points earned.
The other major concern on DKP is people getting items that while usable, may be better suited for other classes with effects and such.

This is the situation with a lot of higher end drops. The focus effects will be taken into consideration as such.... Will use this item as an example, Chains of Anguish which has this focus effect Avariciousness of the Ikaav

Lets say a shaman had 300 dkp and ummm ... a shadow knight has 350 dkp.... because of the focus effect, I would call loot as such....

/rsay Send TELLS NOW ON (link) ... -20% Effect modifier

Which means, if you cant use the effect on the item or it does you little good, you can still send tell but I am only taking 80% of your points into consideration.

Shaman tells Kleeves, I want, I want
Shadow Knight tells Kleeves, dude, so l33t, I want it

Shadow Knight = 350 dkp -20% MOD = 280 dkp he can use

Shaman = 300 and a poison dot user.... can use all

Shaman = gets the loot.

Any questions about this may be directed to Kleeves via in-game email. Or

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Number of posts : 74
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How does the DKP system work? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How does the DKP system work?   How does the DKP system work? Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2008 7:03 pm

How the math is for how much the loot cost.

It doesnt matter if one person bids or more it is divided by 5. Therefore the minimum anyone will pay for an item is 1/5 of there total DKP.
Example - Chains of Anguish with a focus effect of Avariciousness of the Ikaav drops I will call /rsay Send TELLS NOW ON (link) ... -20% Effect modifier.

Everyone that wants to bid will send a tell with link of item to upgrade. Then look to see who it will best upgrade and take top five bids. I will then add up the total DKP of all five and divide by 5.

Shammy = 300 DKP
SK = 350 DKP -20% now has 280
Cleric = 290 DKP
Ranger = 200 DKP -20% now has 160
Enc = 600

total = 1630 = 326 DKP for the item
Item goes to Enc for 326 DKP which leaves hi with 276 DKP to spend now.

You can now see how this system prevents any hording of points. Yup
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How does the DKP system work? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How does the DKP system work?   How does the DKP system work? Icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2008 4:05 pm

Now for Augs

Unlike gear augs use a slightly different math. Instead of dividing by 5 it will be divided by 10 which makes augs a little cheaper to get than gear.

Note that some items maybe used for other classes like a bow for instance. Bows will always go to ranger mains over others. Once they all have one or dont need it then other classes may bid on them. Same goes for 2handed weapons yes lots of classes can use it but the classes that use it the most will get theres first. Such as Shadow knights/zerkers/palys. This doesnt come up alot but will time to time. Now in the case of a bow, if a ranger bids on it but it is not really an upgrade and a better one for other class the ranger may not get the bow unless the ranger has the most dkp out of the bidders. These are not the only type of items like this just a few examples.

If someone passes on an Item

If someone passes on an item there points are then taken out from the price and the 6th person that bids points added in. Which in essance stop people at the top end of dkp from running up the price and passing. Yes there will be plenty of people that bid just to bid so that someone has to pay for it but if you are found out to be doing that, then that isnt looking out for your guild mates and may be cause for you to be booted from guild or repremanded it some way (put on probation or have dkp taken away)
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How does the DKP system work? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How does the DKP system work?   How does the DKP system work? Icon_minitime

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How does the DKP system work?
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