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We are a family of high moral ethics. We are good and honorable people that strive to achieve our goals through courage and strength, but most of all having fun while achieving the advancement and goals of our characters. Our members work very hard to make Crazed Misfits what we are, giving us the name and reputation we have. Above all else we strive to have fun remembering EverQuest is a game, not work. Individual respect is cherished and deserved by all. We have strong morals and ethics that we cherish dearly. Please keep this in mind by upholding the rules and policies set forth as guidance. Any violation of these rules and policies that holds the foundation of what we are, MAY be grounds for immediate dismissal from the guild.

We are currently looking for members of all classes level 70 and higher. If you are interested in applying for acceptance into the guild, you will need to follow the steps listed on the applicants page. Keep in mind just cause you fall short of 70 doesnt meen you wont get in that is just set as what we are looking for in general.

Alternate Characters: Alternate characters may be added at the time of entrance to the guild. All alternate characters will be listed separately on the roster. Alternate characters are not eligible for raids unless asked for by the raid officer.

BOTS: BOTS are characters played by someone already in the guild, but on a different account. These are allowed to join as regular members and are eligible for raids just as any other main character. But remember if the point in time comes where are members are at the point where we need to sit people BOTs will be sat out for members to join the raids. The BOTS that sit out will be of course the ones that are less needed for the target we go after. The bots that sit out may differ from target to target throughout the night.

Freedom of Speech: We promote freedom of speech, but will not tolerate any discussions involving religion and/or politics that involve debating or slurring one’s political views. Any member who feels offended may bring it to the attention of the senior member online in private, and the senior member shall resolve any dispute privately and not use any guild chat. If the offending member retaliates in any way that member will be removed from the guild.

Gifts: If you are given armor/weapons by a guild mate, DO NOT sell it unless you're told otherwise. Pass it on to someone that can make use of it or to one of the various 'guild mules' that distribute spare items to members in need. There are always lower level members in need of hand-me-downs. Respect and honor the person that was kind enough to give you something nice by returning the favor for someone else in need.

Guild Tag: The Guild Tag must ALWAYS be visible. This lets everyone in the guild know you are on and it allows everyone to know that you are a part Crazed Misfits. These means that you are not allowed to "anonymous" up. We ask that you use the "roleplay" option instead if you we wish to be anon to the world of Tunare.

Grouping: We promote grouping within the guild before LFG elsewhere or filling empty spaces in an already formed group. We ask you to please consider your own guildies when your group is looking for someone to fill an empty spot. Not only is it fun to group with family, you will find it very comforting to get acquainted with each player’s individual styles of hunting and fighting. It will become useful to know what to expect from your guildies when raiding time comes. When logging in, with your greeting also announce your level, class and LFG.

Inactive Member Removal: Any guild member that is inactive for six months will automatically be removed. They are free to make a new application to join the guild. They will be treated as a new member and placed under the probationary period listed below for all new guild members. This does include alternate characters. Please advise leadership of any issues that arise that may cause you to become inactive so that you might not be accidentally removed. If you intend on leaving EverQuest please advise the leadership in advance so that your character(s) may be removed from the guild.

Member Removal Appeals: A removed member may appeal their removal to the leader and a convening board will be selected of one neutral officer, and two members to hear the appeal.

New Members Policy: All new recruits will go through a mandatory 30-day probationary period. If during the designated probationary period an applicant breaks any of the rules listed in this charter they will be immediately disbanded from the guild. After the probationary program time period has expired the guild leader and officers will review the applicant for full membership into the guild. And then will be put up for a vote to the memebrs.

No Begging/Harassing: We do not beg/harass anyone (guild member or not) for money, armor, buffs, ports, power leveling, etc. Power leveling is not to be begged for nor expected from guild mates. There is a difference between asking and begging - it's ok to ask, but begging and harassing is not acceptable. Begging of any sort is not permitted. Any member found begging will be warned. If it continues it will be treated as a violation of the guild charter and will be dealt with in such manner.

Officer Promotions: From time to time the need for new guild officers will arise. When this happens, there wil be a post made stating that we are looking to promote a new oficer or officers. Once the deadline stated in the post is met, we will then take down the names of all that were nomiated for officership. Then there will be a vote by the guild as a whole for this position. All new guild officers will be placed on a 30-day trial period. At the end of the trial period all other guild officers will meet to vote on the full acceptance of the new guild officer.

Recruitment Policy: All members are encouraged to invite new members into the guild. Everyone should be keeping their eyes and ears open at all times to bring new members into the fold. NO SPAMMING!!! There is to be absolutely no spamming in any zone for new recruits from current members. Anyone interested in joining the guild must submit an application through the forum on the site.

Use Common Sense: Do unto others as you wish to have done unto you!

Ventrilo: There are to be no yelling or sorts on vent same as it is in Guild chat. Take any and all problems to tells!!!!

It is the desire of this guild to grow and strive. As this happens this charter may change or be expanded. Please check it regularly for any new additions
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