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 Applying to Crazed Misfits - READ ME!!!

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Applying to Crazed Misfits - READ ME!!! Empty
PostSubject: Applying to Crazed Misfits - READ ME!!!   Applying to Crazed Misfits - READ ME!!! Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2007 11:03 am

Welcome to the Crazed Misfits. Glad you are interested in joining Crazed Misfits. Some things you need to do before filling out the app.

Please be advised that we are looking for players that actually play their toons and want to grow with the guild. We don't need people looking for a free ride, or log on once a week, or log on only for raids. We want active members. We also want skilled members, if you don't know your class that well then this is not the guild for you. You need to be able to pay attention and react quickly. You need to be part of the team.

1. Read Guild Charter!!!
2. Register on website. (USE YOUR MAINS NAME!!!!)
3. Meet these requirements.
a. Be lvl 70+
b. Play on a regular basis
c. Willing to help out with what ever is needed.

Once you post an application it will be reviewed by the officers. If the application is approved you will be guild tagged for approximately 30 days. After 30 days there will be a guild vote based on your raid attendance, attitude, skill playing your class, and willingness to help. The vote will either end with a result of "NO", "YES", or "MORE TIME". If you are voted "more time" your trial period will be extended an additional 2 weeks. If you do not make it into the guild after your inital trial, or even after an extension you may reapply 30 days after you are deguilded. You will not be given a direct reason for not making membership, UNLESS it is something so horrible that we do not even want you to bother reapplying. More than 25 "yes" votes and less than 5 "no" votes will get you full membership. 3 or more "no" votes will get you deguilded.

During the 30 day trial, applicants will ONLY be eligible for raid loot or progression pieces that will rot, which means all mains and raid bots are not interested in the item. Applicants will NOT be eligible for spell runes or any alt access keys during their trial (ie Time key). Applicants may be eligible for certain flags (GoD) depending on if CM is close to stopping raidis on a particular zone/instance. Once a trial member has been voted on and has gained enough "yes" votes to be voted into the guild as a full member all restrictions will be removed. These of course are just examples of content.

Thanks and Good Luck!
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Applying to Crazed Misfits - READ ME!!!
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